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A Message From Our Founder: Ohelo Kaopio

Hello. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is LeVaughn “Ohelo” Kaopio, and I’m the founder of Wisteria Lane. Please take a minute to read this about my flooring company. I’ll give it to you straight forward….

But first, let me start by saying Thank You for visiting our website today. As a consumer shopping for flooring, I understand your time is valuable and therefore appreciate you stopping in to peruse and to hopefully learn more about what we commonly refer to as “the Wisteria Lane Experience”.

What is “the Wisteria Lane Experience”? In general terms, it’s the process of empowering flooring consumers with the specific knowledge they need to make the best educated decisions they can when drawing conclusion as to what type of flooring they should purchase for their specific projects, whether from Wisteria Lane, or from anyone else.

Unlike others that merely retail flooring, as a direct manufacturer with millions of square feet successfully installed, we possess specialized knowledge of the processes involved in producing many finished products.

And, when this information is combined with the specifics of your project and installation site conditions, your Wisteria Lane representative will be amongst the best versed expert in the trade to guide you through a myriad of options you have as a consumer; The ultimate goal, to educate you on ALL of your available choices so that you can make the best “financial decision” when you’re  finally ready to purchase your flooring.

Simply put, it’s our belief that if we take the time to adequately share our experience and educate consumers on both the pros and cons of the different flooring systems available on the market today (and more specifically those that directly relate to your specific needs and wants), consumers will not only recognize how much more knowledgeable we are about flooring than anyone else out there, but in turn be able to objectively ask all of the right questions when shopping amongst competitors.

Having said that, and while we’d love for you to make your ultimate flooring purchase at Wisteria Lane, we understand flooring is a major purchase, therefore, we recommend that you visit us and at least (3) other retailers as part of conducting your “due diligence”…. the more, the better.

Thank you again for stopping by, and we look forward to being of service.


LeVaughn Ohelo Kaopio

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